Chinese Herbal Therapy - An Alternative Option for Heaptitis C Treatment

In China, there are many herbal medicines for treating hepatitis C which can be classified into two categories as seen from the view point of Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM.  TCM takes the view of looking at the energetic effect of the herbal formula.  This energetic effect has at its foundation the view of “Qi”, the healing life force energy as the agent we bring into balance and harmony – When the “Qi” is brought back into balance within the system, the result is the experience of healing from disease.  Another view that is used in TCM is that of the Five Agents or Five Elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.  These Five Agents are also used to describe the journey back into balance and each element can represent a quality of growth, transformation and also the experience of excess and controlling.  These elements also are used to refer to the organ systems such as the liver belongs to the element of “wood” and the kidney belongs to the element of “water”.


Category 1 - Clear heat and resolve toxin.
Such herbal medicine can be suitable for patients who have a relatively strong constitution and have had the disease not for such a long time. But such patients occupy a very small part of infected patients, perhaps only 10%. 70% of the Hepatitis C patients struggle with the diseases for a very long time and as a result have a very weak constitution. The herbs used in such medicine are generally of a cold energetic nature and could not be taken for a long time because the liver cannot bear such conditions. The results of taking such a medicine for a long time would result in the general weakness of the liver.

Category 2 - Support the right and secure the root / enrich Qi and nourish the blood / enhance the immune system.
Such medicines generally lack enough strength and effect to get rid of the HCV infection. People who are infected with HCV can know such shortcomings very clearly if they take such a formula.

So, after a long time of experiment and research work, Dr. Zhang Ke and his colleagues followed the old rule found in ancient TCM Classics -  “ Liver is of the wood nature which prefers warmness and the rising force and dislikes coldness and the downward force” which is often overlooked by most modern Chinese doctors. They felt very strongly that their formula should follow this ancient rule and in doing so they felt it would bring the most benefit to the healthy function of the liver.

In conclusion, the herbs used in a formula to benefit healthy liver function should be warm, calm, have the rising force and radiating nature. The formula formation law should be as follows: support the right and secure the root, enrich Qi and fortify spleen, transform dampness and resolve toxin, warm and harmonize liver, and make the liver have rising force and radiating nature.

Formula Formation Theory
With formula formation law set up already, yet how to put it into practice constitutes the big problem. People should know it is not the simple combination of some herbs with one function and other herbs with other function. The reason is:

1. Among the commonly used Chinese herbs people have not found the very effective ones who can exert amazing effects upon HCV and HBV. Largely because such herbs have been using for thousands of years in China and the body really have already developed tolerance to the medicine. Moreover, large amount of herbs are planted by hands and the effective components may not be enough again.

2. HCV and HBV generally stay in nucleus of liver cells. The effective components cannot reach very deep. Therefore, infiltration capability is very important. So, several herbs growing in deep mountains were chosen to finish this mission.


Origin Places of Herbs
The main herbs used in Hepatitis Recovery Capsule come from Mountain Changbaishan ranges and they grow in the area 1,350 meters high in altitude which is a long narrow piece of fertility land. Such herbs can be harvested in fall and only with roots retained.
Such roots will radiate fluorescence once placed in house in the night. Scientific research found that such roots are rich in rare trace elements.

Also, other herbs like Hong Jing Tian is also used in the formula to enhance the power of resisting fatigue, Gingsheng to nourish Yin and enrich Qi, Isatidis Radix to cool the blood and resolve toxin, etc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Features of the Eternal SpringHepatitis C Recovery formula

1. Eternal SpringHepatitis C Recovery formula is of a warm, calm, rising force and radiating nature, and does not contain any nature of coldness nor dryness. So, such medicine accords to the nature of the liver, and can fortify the liver and strengthen the spleen in the same time. Pharmacologically, such medicine can prominently improve the blood circulation of the liver, increase the blood circulating volume and oxygen retaining volume of liver cells, promote the growth of new liver cells, and enhance the resisting capability of the liver against HCV virus. It can gradually gain the result of long-term disappearance of HCV RNA,ff reverse the process of liver fibrosis and decrease the swelling of the liver.

2. The special components in Eternal SpringHepatitis C Recovery formula have strong infiltrating capability which means they can bring the effective components deep into the nucleus of liver cells to exert effects upon HCV.

3. Recurrence of HCV after gaining the long-term disappearance of HCV RNA is not likely to happen after taking the medicine for the long term – one year or more.

4. Prominent side effects, discomfort, nausea, or any negative effects have not been found in any case of the patients taking the formula for long term.

Effects of Hepatitis Recovery Capsule
Taking the medicine for 5 to 10 days can prominently ease the following symptoms and some of them may disappear completely (as found in a majority of  cases): chest distension, pain with liver area, dry mouth, belly distension, bad appetite, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, sore and weak limbs, yellow urination, semi-liquid stool, and others.

After a short period of one month the liver function can return to normal. Generally speaking, 6-12 months of treatment can get the result of HCV RNA testing negative for 74% of Hepatitis C patients. Yet, patients are advised to continue taking the medicine for a longer duration to insure the virus does not reoccur.

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine for hepatitis c and cirrhosis of liver.
Hepatitis Recovery Capsule has been verified to be very effective in treating HCV and the proportion of more-than-1-year disappearance of HCV RNA after receiving the therapy can reach 69.00%. In the same time, there are no eminent side effects when taking the medicine.